This is the last update to DD25, I swear. I just got a bunch more feedback about the game and found a lot of annoying problems that I wanted to fix. This is a good chunk of it and I think it's moving in the right direction, but I'll get to more next time around. Thanks again for all the criticism every1.


-Changed a lot of things about the Igrasal fight to make it less annoying and awful. It's still not exactly where I'd like it--I'm going to have to redesign it. But it works for the purposes of this demo and it's a LOT easier to beat.

-Optimized spaghetti code very slightly when it comes to particles and the deviant's bomb explosions. The game no longer hitches constantly. I'm an idiot.

-Added some new art in quite a few places, and a bunch more placeholder animations to properly convey enemy tells and attacks. Includes new particle effects.

-Made enemy attacks more deliberate and timed out, and less random. 

-Made the shadow knight an actual enemy. It now has a mostly implemented LOS interaction with the player, rather than just reacting based on proximity, and has a "wind-up" animation for attacking.

-Gave the grabber a "tell" for the player getting grabbed. The grabber's now turn more red the closer they are to grabbing you. (There are still a bunch of bugs with the grabber's positioning while grabbing you. It can go through gates and walls sometimes, even while carrying the player. So the player can get taken out of bounds or into locked areas, soft-locking the game. That'll be fixed soon.)

-New interaction UI. In the process of replacing the small text prompts that appear below the player. It's roughly half finished; the dialogue part isn't done.

-Fixed a bunch of UI bugs. Like a lot. Made equipped weapon look more apparent. Made equipped weapon global so it won't swap randomly while walking through zones or resting at crowns.

-Made the player move faster on "off" frames of walking animations across all classes, and made every class a bit faster overall. (Carpenter might be too fast now.)

-Increased dodge distance.

-Optimized and finally fixed the positioning with generation of pride after a boss is defeated. It's still not perfect but it doesn't run at 10fps on low end machines anymore.

-Changed a couple enemy names to fit the """"""Story"""""""

-Fixed positioning when respawning at a crown.

There's even more stuff I haven't mentioned but I don't remember what it is. 


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Mar 16, 2019

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