Last dang update for this demo.

  • Each classes' actions are now stat specific, so even though the stats are still hidden, each one has it's own playstyle. Maurader is moderately fast and moderately strong, drudge is much slower but more powerful, carpenter is quickest of all but fairly weak, and deviant is slower than average but very accurate.
  • Movement is way more concise and quick, and every class moves slowly while "fatigued" after swinging a weapon. (Changed from being rooted in place.)
  • Fixed a movement bug where the player would be stuck in place for too long after attacking.
  • Reworked environmental collisions so you don't get stuck/slowed on corners. (Only partially fixed.)
  • Made dodge speed "paced" along with the animation, and increased the speed overall.


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Mar 07, 2019

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