0.21.2 - DD 25 Feedback edition

I reworked the movement mechanics to be quite a bit faster in all regards, and also localized dodge rolls to one control type.

Now if you have the dodge on sprint option "on" (on by default) you will dodge when you hit shift; if you turn this option off, you'll dodge only by double-tapping the WASD buttons. 

I also made the player slightly less heavy and inertia-based, so when you tap the key you'll get a little bit of movement instead of just standing in place and changing directions. There's a lot more work to be done but hopefully this stuff makes it more fun to play.

Thanks again for all your feedback guys, this was awesome.

ackshual change log:

  • Movement is faster across the board, making walking less infuriating, and sprinting more worthwhile.
  • You now have less weight and move much more freely upon pressing a movement key.  it's crazy.
  • Changed the functionality of the "Dodge on Sprint" option. It now swaps your controls between dodging on sprint when set to on, or dodging on double-tapping WASD when set to off.
  • The player now moves very slowly in certain stall circumstances, instead of being rooted to the spot.
  • Double tapping shift now does nothing.
  • Grabbers are functionally different and WILL grab you now if you don't attack them.
  • And I fixed a lot of random bugs!


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Mar 05, 2019

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